Cubs win, Ankiel strikes out 4 times.

The Cubs looked like a team that belongs in the postseason today. FINALLY. Honestly though, if there is one team in the league I have confidence in the Cubs beating, its the Cardinals. Cubs are now 8-4 against them this year.

Derrek Lee hit, Aramis hit, Jones hit, pretty much everyone hit except Theriot who is allowed one day “off” while the rest of the team picks him up. Lilly was awesome other than giving up a home run to So Taguchi (wtf?!). Michael Wuertz who, through no fault of his own, never seems to pitch anymore, came in the ninth with the Cubs up 12-3 and walked the first two batters. Then he struck out Rick Ankiel and the next two pinch-hittings schmucks LaRussa sent to the plate and that was ballgame.

SO, as per my earlier prediction, the Cubs will now go on to win the NL Central.


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