We Win. Everyone in the NL Central doesn’t

Well, we took a close on yesterday, although the score should have been more to less, we will take it. The stroy of the night was Joba and his dad Harlan. Mr. Harlan had polio when he was young and is on a scooter. He is from Nebraska and when his son came out to pitch, the man started crying. It seems like MLB has a new feel good stroy, after Rick Ankiel pumped himself with roids, ESPN droped him faster than a crack whore drops her child. Anyways, it was a good win because Detroit (jim’s favorite new team) won. Right now they are second in the wild card, 4 games back, while Seattle did what Bill James has told us over and over, their season is evening out.

Now, as for the NL central. Holy shit, Jim was right, its a piece of shit. I really cant believe that the cards are just 1 game back. Coolstandings still likes the Cubs, but who knows at this point. That is a crappy division. I swear, if the Brewers or the Cards make it, I will be angry.

Alright, thats all for now….


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