Harold Reynolds, THE MAN

I had one encouter with Harold Reynolds (it wasnt at the outback steakhouse) it was outside Yankee Stadium. The nice man walked by me, i said “Hey Harold.” he stopped, turned back and shaked my hand. Good guy in my book. Now comes this!

Harold Reynolds, the former “Baseball Tonight” analyst who is suing ESPN for wrongful termination, said in a court filing yesterday that the network treated him more harshly over a sexual harassment complaint than it treated white employees who engaged in similar types of misbehavior.

Sweet! What else does he say:

The incidents listed included one in which an analyst showed a cellphone photograph of his genitals to male and female employees and received a one-week suspension. In June, a makeup artist for “Cold Pizza,” a defunct talk show, sued ESPN, saying she was fired after complaining about sexual harassment by the host, Jay Crawford, and an analyst, Woody Paige.

Please let it be Steve Phillips, Please let it be steve phillips….

UPDATEI should have known it wasnt Steve Phillips by the fact that he has a vagina, not a penis. The analyst in question is none other than Sean Salisbury



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