The Honeymoon is over, Rick Ankiel recieved HGH

So, for a guy who is slugging almost at the same clip as Arod and started batting 3 years ago, this comes to no surprise. Unless you live in St. Louis. The same town that saw this guy become a hero, without any of the fans suspecting anything….

and so now the new york daily news comes out with this:

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel, baseball’s feel-good story of the season, received a 12-month supply of human growth hormone in 2004 from a Florida pharmacy that was part of a national illegal prescription drug-distribution operation, the Daily News has learned.

I dont care for HGH, i feel that there are more drugs in football than in baseball, but because baseball is seen more as a “white” sport you see sportwriters write about the integrity of the game, its pure hypocrisy.

What makes me laugh are st. louis baseball fans, whats that saying, fool me once….


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