I had a dream…

last night that Eckstein was traded to the Cubs. At his press conference they were talking about how one of the major reasons they picked him up was because he needed to talk to and motivate the team. He was quoted saying things like

Its way different in Chicago than it was in St Louis. There I could focus on specific things like fixing someone’s swing or working on fielding. But in Chicago its a complete mess from top to bottom so I need to take a more general approach and get the whole team involved

I guess it mustve been part of the same trade because I also dreamed that Jacque Jones was traded to the Cardinals. I was equally upset about that because Jones has actually been just short of awesome in the second half and trading him to our division rivals would be a huge mistake as much as I was clamoring for his DFAing earlier this summer. Ok, so I’m not a GM.

Anyway the point is that even my subconscious thinks Eckstein is a joke and that Rick Ankiel sucks. Or in Tony LaRussa’s words yesterday…

“Marvel is a good word,” manager Tony La Russa said. “It’s kind of amazing, isn’t it? Clutch, too.”

And after that story, Yahoo! hits us with three more about the HGH suspicion.


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