Update from the North Side

Though I’m pretty sure Migue is on the North Side physically, we know that mentally, emotionally, and spiritually he is all bronx. Re: my MIA status, blogging at work is basically a thing of the past. At least for anything that takes more than like 5 minutes to research and write. Right now I’m on my lunch break watching Jason Marquis shut down the Dodgers other than a James Loney perfect-game-destroying solo shot in the 5th.

Right now Theriot is on 2nd with 1 out. Derek Lowe is pitching pretty well today too but its 1-1. And Derrek Lee strikes out. What else is new? The Cubs still do pretty much suck but I’d like to see them make the playoffs anyway I guess. Their record against teams with winning records is pretty dismal so most likely they will lose in the playoffs. It seems like it would still be fun to get there but how much fun is watching the Cubs lose? Especially in meaningful games?

So there is my stream of consciousness update. In the future, I will try to be less dead to this site…


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