Cubs might make playoffs but still suck

I didnt watch the Cubs game last night. i had it on gameday for awhile but I decided to read a book instead of watching it after it was like 3-2 cubs in the 3rd. The Cubs are now 2.5 games up which I’m pretty sure is their biggest lead in the NL Central so far this year. But their record is 68-64. Lets see where the Cubs would fall in the other divisions around baseball…

AL East: 11 games out. (3rd place)
AL Central: 7.5 games out (3rd place)
AL West: 10.5 games out (3rd place)
NL East: 4.5 games out (tie 3rd)
NL West 5.5 games out (4th place)

This is horrible. But if you ever watch the Cubs (which I do) you will know they aren’t a good team. Ok, their pitching is pretty good. They’ve allowed 559 runs which is good for second least in the National League (in MLB too but we all know in the American League the score of most games is 15-9 or something). But they really cannot hit for power and its irritating to watch. Guaranteed when you are watching a Cubs game on Gameday and youre lucky enough to see “In play (runs)” with runners in scoring position, the hit was a single. Not a double, not triple, and no way in hell was it a home run.

Soriano (ie. most ridiculous leadoff hitter in baseball) has 19 home runs and i’m not going to look it up but they pretty much all are solo home runs. Not only because he leads off but also because he bats .250 with RISP and .312 with the bases empty. I would like to see Soriano batting second but it will never happen. Piniella is very stubborn about leading him off for some retarded reason. He should actually still be sitting, I dont think he was ready to come back, but what do I know I’m just a fan.

Anyway if the Cubs make the playoffs its just about guaranteed they get knocked out in the first round due to their inability to hit ANYONE’s starting pitching. And if they did end up winning the world series after sneaking into the playoffs with an 82-80 record they will just be another version of last years Cardinals, which is the LAST team I want to associate the Cubs with. Rather they just get eliminated and come back strong next year.

Maybe the Cubs will turn it on in September and finish with a respectable record. No one would be happier than me. I’m gonna be at the game on saturday and I want to see some damn extra base hits. And NOT from Lance friggin Berkman.


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  1. I like what you say, but what do you think about the new NFL logo?

    shitty teams win the world series, not only the cards, look at all the teams that have won in the past 7 years
    red soxs
    white soxs

    all crappy teams…all crappy teams

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