Steve Phillips Keeps Harping on the Mariners Bullpen and Other Stuff that ha has no clue about and is the reason why I hate him/her so much…

Chat from 8/27

With the Mariners up 2 games in the wildcard why does this team not get talked about more as a team that is making noise in the AL?

SportsNation Steve Phillips: Well, I feel like I talk about them just about every show I do. think they will win the Wild Card despite their difficult schedule down the stretch. They have everything you want from a playoff contending team excpet that dominanting starting pitching, but they make up for it with their amazing defense and quality bullpen. This is a big series this week against the Angels, as the Mariners have no fared that well against them (4-8 this season), but most of those loses came earlier this seasson before the Mariners became what they are now.

Chat Wrap 8/20

SportsNation Steve Phillips: The Yanks looked good beating an undermanned Tigers team, I agree with you. But I think the Mariners will hold on and win the Wild Card. Their starting pitching is just good enough and their bullpen in unreal. They have one of the best defenses in babseball, and they are starting to produce on offense. I think it is too little too late for the Yankees to make the playoffs.

Chat Wrap 8/15

SportsNation Steve Phillips: Here is something you should know, there have been only two teams to ever make the playoffs with a starting rotation with a record below .500. The Mariners starting pitchers are currently just under the .500 mark. But with the improvement in the offense and one of the best bullpens aound, I think the Mariners have a great chance to win a Wild Card and even the West if they get hot.

Chat Wrap 7/30

SportsNation Steve Phillips: I think Chamberlain is made of the right stuff, but to think of him as a savior is not fair or realistic.

Kevin(CT): Read rumors Rangers asked Yanks for Cabrera straight up for Gagne…would you make that move if you were the Yanks GM?

SportsNation Steve Phillips: In a heartbeat. Melky Cabrera is a pretty good fourth or fifth outfielder on a playoff-caliber team. It’s a lot easier to find a Melky Cabrera than an Eric Gagne. I don’t think he’ll hit for a high average or power in his career. He’s a more-than-adequate outfielder, but he’s a role player. Gagne is an impact pitcher.

Chat Wrap 7/23 (this year, not last year)

VInce: Hey Steve…Gut Feeling??Is Arod going to stay with us or not???

SportsNation Steve Phillips: I think A-rod will not play for the Yankees in 2008. I think he will opt out and move on. I think it should and will be a lesson learned for Yankee fans. The way you treat the players has in impact and consequences. Rodriguez has been unfairly malingned by fans in New York. Players have choices too, and if they do not feel like they have been treated fairly or properly, more often than not they will leave. I would be shocked if A-rod stays in New York.

Steve (Indy): Steve with their recent success how would you rate the Yankees chance to make the playoffs?

SportsNation Steve Phillips: I do not like their chances at all. I know they are swinging the bats, but offense can come and go even for the best teams. Pitching is the key to being a legimitante playoff contender and the Yankees do not have enough of it to get there. Eleven consectiuve years of making the playoffs is a great run, and do not get too down, because I expect them to be in the playoffs in 2008.


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