Red Soxs Fans: You guys suck

“Red Sox fans, sadly, have taken over the mantle as the most obnoxious fans in sports.”

“Boston fans took on a swaggering, entitled persona, acting as if they alone invented sports fandom and behaving as if nothing else in baseball mattered but them.”

“It’s like in “Can’t Buy Me Love” when geeky Patrick Dempsey (in his pre-McDreamy youth) pays popular cheerleader Amanda Peterson to be his girlfriend for a month, and then he starts acting like an ass. ”

“No one can stand to be around Red Sox fans anymore”

“What we really need is a wall, a moat and a minefield around New England to keep the spoiled citizens of Red Sox Nation from sneaking into the rest of the country and taking over seats in major league ballparks that should go to hard-working local fans.”

“They call themselves Red Sox Nation, the same arrogant way the Cowboys call themselves America’s Team. ”

“Wherever Red Sox Nation is, I just wish Bush would invade it.”

“Hearing fans of a team with a $143 million payroll and a recent World Series ring worry about a seven-game lead is like listening to Bill Gates worry that Social Security might run out when he’s 67.”

“Enough already. Get over yourselves, Red Sox fans. ”

 All of this coming from Jim Caple, a man who cried after the red soxs lost the world series in 1986

The worst thing about Red Soxs fans was THIS question at a recent espn chat:

Bob – Mansfield, MA: I have seen all these bloggers talking about the CY & there has been no mention of Tim Wakefield, who has the most wins in the A.L. currently. Do strike outs mean everything to the CY?




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