Yankee start series versus America’s Team

In an anti-climatic series, the Yankees take on America’s Team tonight. Anti-climatic because im 99% sure that America’s team will sadly take the division. Im ok with that. I am. Thankfully the Ms kept sucking this week and we are still 2 games back with 31 to go. We can turn this slump around by taking 2 out of 3, or all 3. It will make the folks at ESPN happy that they can have stories about how America’s Team are falling and how the mighty yankees are coming. Well, i dont buy it. America’s Team is taking the division because we played like asshole in April in May. And the reason why we played like asshole has to do with poor pitching and slumps by our batters. Nothing more, nothing less. Anyways, so yeah, congrats to America’s Team for taking the division, you guys still suck and you guys will still not pass the 1st round of the playoffs.


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