The Face of the Replacement Level Yankees

Espn is dumb. Their gimmicks are retarded. No question. Face of the franchise…was no exception. I mean, Eric Young actually said that the green monster is the face of the red soxs and that pnc park is the face of the pirates. Errrrrr……hmmmmmm……lame. I was, however, surprised that Larry Mahnken from replacement level yankees was asked to be a panelist on the yankee selection, and, to nobody’s surprise, he hit the nail on the head. He picked Arod as the face of the yankees, but here is his great reasoning:

It didn’t take too long for Derek Jeter to become “the face of the Yankees.” But he’s not the face of the Yankees anymore, though the team would like him to be. The character of the team had already changed by 2004, when Alex Rodriguez arrived from Texas, but in his four seasons in the Bronx, he has probably best personified what the Yankees now are. He’s a great player, and the Yankees are a great team; the expectations are just a little too high for both of them. The Yankees’ October “failures” have been over so few games that dumb luck is as, or more, likely to be the cause of it than anything else, and A-Rod’s struggles don’t demonstrate any real inability to come through in October. But it’s the perception that there’s really something more behind all this, and that there’s really something wrong with both A-Rod and the Yankees is what they most have in common.

That, right there, sums up the yankees. I really couldnt agree more.


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