The Boston Red Soxs, America’s Team

Well, im not going into my analysis of USA today,  but I will touch on something: thanks to their graphs and there overall suckness, more Americans eat McDonalds now, then they did before USA today existed. Anyways, USA today has declared The Red Soxs, america’s team. The fact that they use is this: Avg. road attendance, where the red soxs produce 39,136 fans so far this year. I will always remember when I saw the Red Soxs play the cubs in 2005. The game was a blowout in the late innings, the Red Soxs winning by 10 runs or so, but this DOUCHEBAG (part of red soxs nation) kept rubbing in to all cubs fans how good the red soxs are. He kept pointing at his ring finger and kept saying to everyone around him “Who has the ring? Who has the ring? Who has the ring?” 

So there you go, Red Sox Nation, americas fan, the Red Soxs, America’s team. They do have a point, “Who has the ring?”



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  1. Uh huh, and how did this guy not get his ass kicked? As much as I’d like to believe that Cubs fans have some dignity and would ignore an irritating Red Sox dweeb, I know thats not the case at Wrigley.

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