Rob Neyer on the obvious

There are a couple of things that are obvious in life, 1st one is Ricky Gervais, obviously, the second one is the stupid stupid save rule. If you are confused, how bout this for a fun tid-bit, The Texas Ranger scored 30 runs yesterday and won by 27 runs, but did you know that Texas reliever Wes Littleton was credited with a save?

Rob Neyer, the smartest man that knows about Baseball wrote about this today in his blog, here are some of the highlights:

If made commissioner for a day, one of my first moves would be to scrap the current rule in favor of a simpler one that, while subjective, would attempt to award the guy who really put out the fire, whether that fire was doused in the ninth inning or the sixth inning, and whether his team had the lead at the time or not. We could tweak the language for a bit, but basically, I’d ask the official scorer to make a judgment call about which relief pitcher for the winning team, who came in at a time when the score was tied or when the lead for either team was less than three runs, contributed most to his team winning the game. I’d even be open to the possibility of awarding more than one save in a game if the situation dictated it because, hey, games are often “saved” on more than one occasion.


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