Matt Murton sucks

I want him OFF this Cubs team. Send him to Iowa to rejoin his buddy Cedeno as the career AAAA players. Example of Murton futilty:

The setting: San francisco, top of the 7th. Matt Cain is shutting the Cubs down but, hey look! he is starting to struggle a bit… Jason Kendall led off the inning with a double. Mike Fontenot comes up and hits a single up the middle after seeing 9 nine pitches. Jason Kendall scores!! And its the pitcher’s spot thats due up now.. “Hmm,” thinks Lou Piniella “how can I best utilize my bench featuring such players as Felix Pie, Cliff Floyd, and OH who’s this? Matt Murton! Yes. Get in there Murton and let’s come back and win this!”

The result: Murton pinch hits for Scott Eyre who came in and got the final two outs after Zambrano gave up a 2-run shot to Matt Cain (but thats besides the point). Murton comes up and, let me tell you, he is ready to go! “Throw me the ball, throw me the ball, throw me the ball” are the words running through Murton’s excuse for a brain. And heres the pitch!! Murton swings! Contact! Umm… ground ball to third, Aurelia throws to Durham at second to get Fontenot, and the throw to first… Murton is OUT! Double play!! HOLY COW WHAT COMPLETE SHIT AT-BAT! Way to kill a rally! Now never take another at-bat for this team again, thanks.

Oh wait, but its not over yet. You get three outs per inning, not two. And look at this, Ryan Theriot just doubled (after seeing five pitches)!! I wonder what the next batter, Jacque Jones, will do?? Maybe he’ll hit a home run? Nah…he’s going to hit the first pitch on the ground to Ray Durham. Way to go. Cubs lose. Because why should they score in any of the other 8 innings?

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