Migames breaks international news: Fidel Castro is Dead

Yup, you heard it here 1st. Fuck you cnn and nyt, we out scooped you!

Every answer can be found through research. If you are handy with the internets and know where to look, you too will come to the same conclusion, Fidel Castro is dead.

Why is this on a baseball blog. Two reasons: Fidel was drafted by the Washington Senators (not the Nats) and because we here at MIGAMES are serious about the truth, everything we say on this site is only but the truth (all except when we out baseball players). So once you read in the up coming weeks news about Fidel Castro’s death, you can come back to this website, realize that we out scooped the world and thus read everything we have to say as the truth. Today is Aug, 22, 2007 and Fidel is dead.

This isnt a political, so we dont care your personal thoughts about Fidel, this is a reflection on the talents that MIGAMES has. Enjoy the blog


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