Fan Art, Part 2

It seems that fan art is kinda popular post. So I have included a new post with new art.

Not all fan art lacks talent, but it does lack taste as we can see in this Jeter. This guy does several sports figures, like Zimmer, like Michael Jackson, I mean Mariano. And this one from the trucker redneck series. He evn does non-baseball sports stars. But this is a baseball blog, and baseball art is where its at.

All Boston Red Soxs fan now about this guy. But game over wouldnt be the choice of words they would use. Of course, fan art isnt anything new but they are ugly. (In full disclousre, that wasnt art, but damn was it ugly)

Of course, art is like humans, it evolves. Photoshoping, in my book, is art. And we can see that art form with fans and baseball players. Take Matt Stairs for example. He really inst a penguin. Take Wade Boggs, alright, not photoshoped but strange nonetheless. He has been simpsonized.

Readers Questions: 

Hey Migames, do Figurine count? Yes, they do.

What about wierdos? No, they dont.

What about Kelly Gruber? Of course! 

And this guy? No, please no


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