Power Rankings: My weekly Version part 2

1. Yankees: Hey, who did princess leia kill? Thats right, Jaba the Hutt, not Joba Chamberlain
2.Milwuakee: Thanks to Steve Phillips and his wisdom, he claims that the Brew Crew are a team that will perform better if they have a target, instead of looking behind their shoulders. Hey Steve Phillips, this buds for you
3. Minnesota Twins: Last week we harped on the bridge, this week: floodings. Its Anti American to not rank them 3rd
4. Oakland As: Have you read moneyball?
5. Washington Nats: With bad news coming from the Oval office over the past 7 years, we feel that the news that Jenna Bush is getting married helps the Nats case this week.
6. Pittsburgh Pirates: Yeah, im surprised as well.
7. Texas Ranger: Just by the added boast they have given the Yanks by trading Gagme to the Red Soxs
8. Chicago Cubs/White Soxs: Its the way Ozzie wants it
10. Houston Astros: Did you see the uniforms they wanted to use? If not, its in Migames, so they fall in the top 10

Bottom 10
21. Cleveland Indians: Why dont they change their names?
22. George Takai: He shouldnt be anywhere near Dave Folley
23. Toronto Blue Jays: You know who else is canadian? Tom Green
24. Arizona Diamondbacks: They dont annoy me as much as they did last time around
25. Baltimore Os: Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty team
26. Atlanta Braves: Never forget that Bobby Cox bats women
27. Royals: They suck.
28. Detroit tigers: Gary Sheffield sucks dildos
29. The Mets: Need I say more
30. THe Red Soxs: Eric Gagne.


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