40 Games to Go…Road to a Yankee Cub series

Well, With Seattle holding on to a .5 game advantage in the wild card lead. The next couple of weeks will tell us where they will end up. They play 19 of their next 21 games on the road. They have a .500 record on the road. SO, it might put a stop to their winning ways. Coolstandings gives them a 21.3 chance of getting the wild card. Coolstandings thinks, and we at migames agree that the wild card will come from the East or the West. The central division is falling faster than a luis salazar slap double in the gap.

Talk about falling, the Brewers are tanking, steve phillips says they are a better team chasing a goal. Whatever that means. But with their miserable record and runs scored, dont expect the Brewers to make the playoffs, so I am bolding predicting that the Cubs will win the central. You can print it.

As for the NL west. I feel that the Padres will end up taking that division. Every other division in baseball is up for grabs. May the best team win. Fuck you Steve Phillips, Fuck you


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