As the Cure Says: It’s Friday I’m in love

Well, im not in love with the yankee play of late. Its really frustrating and its like that black cloud over mordor. Hopefully the hobbits destroy the ring and all will be well in Yankee Land. Alot will happen this weekend. So we will see.

It retarded news: Jeff Francoeur name was misspelled on his uni last night, but by the 9th, they had fixed it.

In news that makes Jim happy: Zambrano will stay a cub

“I feel happy right now, feel comfortable right now but it’s not enough,” Zambrano said at a news conference. “I have a mission to complete and I have a way to go with my teammates to lead this team. … It’s not enough when you retire and don’t have the ring.”

And in A-Rod leaving the yankees news: This, somehow, still makes news.

“We’d like to have him stay,” Cashman said. “We’ll have those discussions at the end of the year.”

Rodriguez and Boras also have said they won’t discuss the third baseman’s contract status with the Yankees until after the season.

“He’s earned the right to opt out if he so chooses,” Cashman said. “He has a contract. We hope he doesn’t opt out.”


2 responses

  1. I love that mordor picture. And yes I also love that Zambrano is staying and not going to New York or Boston or any other “we sign the #1 free agent every year” team

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