Yankees Catch 2 Breaks

Well, Shelley Duncan tried to be the hero, almost did it, but mariano didnt come thru. Mariano said

“Physically I’m fine. I’m fine. Nothing is wrong. I’m just human, that’s all. I know you guys are trying to find something but I’m fine.”

Anyways. The Red Soxs lost, so we stay 5 games back and Seattle lost, so we stayed tied. It doesnt matter who wins between the Indians and the Tigers, both teams will be 2 games out.

Tomorrow, we gotta get back to winning. As for the cubs, with the rain that hit us today, i dont know if they even played. Jim has be on a silent retreat, so I dont know whats up with the cubs, let me check…Alright, end of 1st, 0-0. Yes, there was a rain a delay. I think we are done with the rain. So keep rocking cubbies, lets get some runs.


One response

  1. The cubs did get some runs yesterday. They also gave up 11 and lost. For the 4th straight time. 10 losses in the last 13 games. I’m reduced to watching only on gameday while I do other things. Watching it is too painful.

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