Breaking Down Steve Phillips Chat

I dont know why I hate this guy so much, wait, i know, because he is an idiot that has a goat tee and doesnt know shit about baseball

Greg (Gig Harbor, WA): Morning Steve. I’m curious about your thoughts on the Mariners. Do you think they have the starting pitching to reach the playoffs? They seem to just be steady and I think that’s a great asset in this league.

SportsNation Steve Phillips: Here is something you should know, there have been only two teams to ever make the playoffs with a starting rotation with a record below .500. The Mariners starting pitchers are currently just under the .500 mark. But with the improvement in the offense and one of the best bullpens aound, I think the Mariners have a great chance to win a Wild Card and even the West if they get hot.

where does he get this one of the best bullpens, as stated yesterday, they rank 4th in the AL right ahead of the yankees. Honestly, where does he get his stats?

Mike (Fresno): True or false – the Yankees will make the playoffs.

SportsNation Steve Phillips: False. The easy thing to say right now is that they will make it because of how they have played out of the All-Star break. But the reason they are winning now is because of their offense, which is very, very good. But to be a playoff team you have to pitch. And I have my doubts that the offense will continue to go as it is going, and I do not think they have the pitching to bail them out when the offense is not there. But they deserve a lot of credit for fighting their way back into this race, because myself, along with many others, counted them out a long time ago.

This is just dumb and it contradicts everything he just said about the Ms. Right now, the yankees have the best run differential in the Majors. The last team to have that and not make the playoffs were the 1992 Brewers.

Al (Basking Ridge, NJ): Mr. Phillips, if you are the Yankees GM, would you make a trade for Johan Santana and what pieces would you be willing to part with? Thanks.

SportsNation Steve Phillips: I would do just about anything to get him. If money is a factor, and I am the Yankees, I would not resign A-Rod and use that money for Santana. Instead of giving A-Rod 36 mil. per year, why not give Santana 22 mil. and go out and get a 14 mil. per year 3B. I would put Hughes in the deal, along with Cabrera and another young prospect if neccesary. Hughes may blossom as time goes on, but he is not going to be Santana-like.

Only time will tell about Hughes being Santana like, but this makes no sense. The yankees saving money? Please, thats like gilbert grapes mom just doing 1 trip to the buffet table to watch her figure. Second, it will COST THEM LESS to keep Hughes who will be under arbitration for the next 6 years. And my money is that in 6 years from now, Hughes has the potential to be better than Santana.

Adam (Flushing, NY): What are the chances that A-Rod signs with the red Sox next season? What would they have to give up in order to get him.

SportsNation Steve Phillips: Well if he is a FA they would not have to give up anything, and the Yanks would never trade him to the Red Sox. But it will cost somewhere inthe range for 30 million dollars per year for 8 or more seaons to sign him. remmeber this, he is a great player, but he has yet to win a title, and baseball is not just an individual game. You need to have a balanced and deep roster to win, and no matter what your payroll, giving one guy 30 mil. limits what you can do with your roster. I cannot see him playing in Fenway Park, unless it is in a visiting uniform.

Warning, dont see A-Rod, he hasnt won a championship.

What a FUCKIN idiot


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