Best Week Ever: on the death of Phil Rizzuto

Who knew that these guys are so clever? But its funny shit. One thing to add about Phil Rizzuto, i grew up listening to Yankees games on WPIX, and the guy was insane. I knew about Phil before i knew about Harry Carrey, and i thought that Carrey ripped off Rizzuto’s “Holy Cow” call, anyways, This is what Phil Rizzuto had to say about Seinfeld: Discussing a late-night rerun of “Seinfeld,” he called it “the first time since my honeymoon that I’ve gone to sleep with a smile on my face.”

Anyways, here is the piece from Best Week Ever

RirrutoKarl Ravech: Let’s take a moment to discuss some sad news — legendary Yankees shortstop and broadcaster Phil Rizzuto passed away this morning. Gentleman, your thoughts on the man and his life accomplishments?

Steve Phillips: Phil Rizzuto was a tremendous individual and a tremendous baseball player. He may have only hit .271 in his career with 38 home runs, but he also won seven World Series titles, making him seven times better than Alex Rodriguez.

John Kruk: A-Rod’s won zero, though, so doesn’t that make him undefinable times greater than A-Rod?

Steve Phillips: Yes, and that’s not including Rizzuto’s intangibles, or the fact that he was a true Yankee, unlike sommmme peeeeooople…

John Kruk: A-Rod could hit eighty home runs in the regular season, but if the Yankees don’t win the World Series, it means none of them mattered.

Steve Phillips: I agree, and I think it’s gonna be tough for the Yankees to bounce back and get into the playoffs now, I think Rizzuto’s death might have damaged the mystique of Yankee Stadium, and possibly reduced their aura.

John Kruk: There’s nothing a team struggling to get into the postseason needs more than aura.

Steve Phillips: Aura and grinders — guys who are less talented than other guys but who get a hit every now and then and make a conscious effort to appear to be visibly hustling. The Yankees are just a bunch of stars, they really could use someone like Phil Rizzuto.

John Kruk: Remember when Adam Sandler had to write out the word “Rizzuto” in the movie Billy Madison?

Steve Phillips: Yes I do, and he couldn’t. He choked. Just like A-Rod would have. But Phil Rizzuto would have written it correctly, cause he’s a real pinstriper.

Karl Ravech: Peter Gammons, your thoughts on the life of Phil Rizzuto?

Peter Gammons: Phil Rizzuto was a tremendously charismatic person, a terrific ballplayer and a beloved broadcaster, who will assuredly be missed.

John Kruk: You bet he’ll be missed. The Yankees lost last Wednesday, it was the lead story on Sportscenter, I’m guessing their confidence is in big trouble.

Peter Gammons: Actually, PECOTA calculates the Yankees as having a 77% chance of making the postseason, and given their recent surge, their pitchers returning healthy, every hitter besides A-Rod and Posada underperforming in the first half, and the fact that the Tigers and Indians pitchers have struggled and the Mariners have just a +18 Run Differential and are therefore lucky to still be in the race, the Yankees have a terrific shot at making the playoffs. Their team OPS since the All-Star Break is over .950, meaning the entire team is hitting like Vladimir Guererro, which is insane. Do you honestly see them slowing down?

[Ten Second Pause]

Steve Phillips
: What if Phil Rizzuto’s spirit came back, like in Angels in the Outfield, and gave the Yankees some of those sorely needed intangibles they’re missing?

John Kruk: It would have to be Angels in the Infield, cause Rizzuto was an infielder, yah big dummy!

Steve Phillips: You’re really fat!

[Both laugh in a painfully forced, must-try-to-create-onscreen-chemisty manner]

Karl Ravech: When we return to Baseball Tonight, we’ll take look at the Red Sox: what if Phil Rizzuto had played for them and passed away this morning? We’ll be right back.


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