death = loss

I wouldnt say this article from Yahoo! blames the Yankees obliteration by the Orioles on Phil Rizzuto. But it comes close…

NEW YORK (AP) — Aubrey Huff hit a grand slam, Daniel Cabrera pitched two-hit ball into the seventh inning and the Baltimore Orioles cooled off the New York Yankees with a 12-0 win Tuesday night.

Cabrera’s effort and the death of Hall of Fame shortstop Phil Rizzuto led to somber atmosphere at Yankee Stadium. Rizzuto had pneumonia and died in his sleep late Monday night.

In related losing news, Carlos Zambrano sucks and allowed 13 hits in a one-run loss to the Reds. The cubs were literally “this close” to winning when Fontenot flied out with Kendall on first to Norris Hopper with his back against the ivy. In related David Weathers news, I found a 1994 Sportsflix Artists Proof Weathers card amongst my old collection. Maybe his save tonight will drive the price on that puppy up. In related never-gonna-happen news, can the Cubs or even Brewers please step up and take this division cuz if the Cardinals somehow win the division I will give up on baseball for another 10 years.


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  1. Yes. You gotta love Rick Ankiel, sucha great story. Sucker.

    Please tell cubs fans to not take the red line during nite games because my afternoon comute sucks ass when there are a bunch of Soriano shirts in there.

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