Hot prospect Julio Franco

This is actually happening:

Rome, GA — The Rome Braves announce that Atlanta Braves star Julio Franco will join the team beginning Thursday, August 16th. The 48-year-old first baseman cleared waivers and accepted a Minor League assignment with Rome, with an agreement the Braves would bring him back to the Majors by Sept. 1. That’s when rosters can be expanded for the season’s final month. The veteran first baseman will celebrate his 49th birthday Aug. 23rd.

Surprise! He cleared waivers! Double surprise! He is in the minors as a player not a coach.

“It’s an honor to have someone with his experience and tenure joining our team,” says Rome General Manager Michael Dunn. Franco is expected to be with Rome through Saturday and possibly longer.

yeah whatever Michael Dunn. I’m sure the 18 year olds will love sitting on the bench in favor of someone who could be their grandpa. Hey Uncle Julio, you know that they have amateur fall leagues starting up right now in the Atlanta area that you could play for. Its time.

One response

  1. Julio Franco is the reason why my grandfather still watches baseball. because its nice that there is someone that is older than him.

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