Kendall’s fault? Nope.

Migue I need to go FJM on you and call you on your bullshit. Just like the Yank’s early season shittiness was not ARod’s fault, the Cubs recent slide has nothing to do with J OPS K.

Kendall since joining Cubs: 19 games, 64 ABs. .313/.405/.812. Who is Mr. OPS now, bitch?

You want to talk about why the Cubs suck, lets look at who is batting 4th these days. Matt Murton. Um, yeah. Can Aramis please be on this team again? And can Derrek Lee wake up? Because a team featuring Murton and Jones in the outfield every day is not a team I like or a team that can win even the pathetic NL Central.


2 responses

  1. I wouldnt call what the yankees did earlier this season was shittiness, I would call it the ness in awesomeness. Because, thanks to the early play, and their awesome play of late, makes it all awesomeness.

    And in the national league, i feel like psychology boy can put up those numbers.

  2. and your unwillingness to accept jason kendall as the fault of all cubs problems doesnt help the cubs chances on holding to the number 2 spot in the power rankings. You have been warned.

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