Well I’m back, na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na

Its GREAT to come to this. Yankees in 1st place tie for the wild card. Have a better record than the cubs and now have the same record as the Mets (gayest team in the NL)
To recap what happened since i left:
*Arod hit his Abomb
*Chipper said something that made people question why would anyone be named chipper
*Bonds hits his homerun and the ball is caught by a kid from queens on his way to australia
*Gagne has been SUCKING it
*The Cubs, Brewers, Tigers and Indians are playing “who doesnt want to win the division”
*The Cards have become baseballs version of Robert Downey Jr.
*Beyonce has a Loreal commercial
*David Wells is out of baseball
*Roger Clemens hits people with baseballs
*The yanks got rid of Miguel Cairo and Mike Myers
*and TBS’s show My Boys is the gayest most forced show in the history of gay forced shows ever, yes, even more than Joey


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