The Soriano mystery. Part 2

Here is how Sori has performed in games that I’ve had him as a “Migames player of the game”

7/25 Game 99 @Cardinals .049 WPA
7/3 Game 89 @Nationals .090 WPA
6/26 Game 76 vs. Rockies .081 WPA
6/25 Game 75 vs. Rockies .679 WPA (the game he hit in walk-off single in)

And thats it, four games. I’ve blogged a total of 19 live games and 16 of those have been wins.

Its weird because last season with the Nationals his WPA was a cool 2.45, definitely a good year (his best post-2002 when WPA stats are available on Fan Graphs). Before that in 2005 he posted a solid 1.70 WPA with the Rangers.

Yet this year with the Cubs, again, a not-so-hot -0.29 WPA. Maybe he is adjusting to Wrigley, the day games, the new contract, blah blah blah. Whatever it is you’d think he’d catch up eventually to his career norm, at least go over to the positive side.

Doesnt matter anyway since he is gone for a month now. Not only that but Aramis Ramirez, who leads the Cubs with an outstanding 3.14 WPA on the year (9th best in MLB, ARod is 1st with 4.78, pretty dang good) is now out of the lineup with a sore wrist. *Sigh*


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