watching the games

this cubs-astros game is a certified snoozefest. its 1-1 after 5 innings trying its best to be a carbon copy of last nights bore-a-thon. the cubs had three walks and 1 hit in the first inning and only scored one run. sean marshall allowed a solo home run to jason lane. boring.

Clemens is out of the game now after six innings of shutout baseball. Yankees haven’t had much trouble scoring on the Devil Rays pitching. Some WPAs so far for the curious

Clemens .238
Woody Williams .216
Sean Marshall .147
Posada .140
Melky C .125
Cliff Floyd .083
Fontenot .041
Big Hurt .016 (leads the Jays tonight)
Shelley Duncan -.039
Eric Patterson -.048
Jeter -.107
Jacque Jones -.149 (typical)


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