Soriano hurts himself, Cubs in trouble

And they aren’t in trouble just because Soriano is now out 2-4 weeks. (probably closer to 4). They can’t beat good teams, their outfield well below average offensively this year and now the outfield defense is pretty sorry as well. I said I wanted Pie back up but this isn’t how I wanted it to happen. At least now the probability is much higher that it will happen.

Cubs this year:
vs. Mets 2-5
vs. Phillies 3-4
vs. Braves 4-5
vs. Marlins 0-3
vs. Dodgers 1-2
vs. DBacks 1-2
vs. Padres 3-5

that is some sad playing against contending teams. (i just threw the Marlins in there because its ridiculous). if it werent for the White Sox the Cubs would basically be at .500

And if they didnt have problems with the offense before (OBP 9th in NL, SLG 8th in NL, HR 13th in NL), they are going to now with the HR and R leader Soriano out. Here is a look at their remaining outfielders:

Jones: .251/.314/.350 2HR
Floyd: .292/.365/.388 4HR
Pagan: .273/.316/.455 4HR
Pie: .216/.272/.345 2HR
Murton: .256/.336/.338 1HR

that is HORRIBLE for five outfielders. 11HR between them. DeRosa will probably end up playing RF in a bunch of games now but Floyd in LF doesnt exactly thrill me. And now I’ve heard the Cubs are interested in this dweeb, who, if you take a look at his stats, is clearly not an improvement.

I was ready to give up on the Cubs postseason hopes after the embarrassing series in Texas in late June. The Cubs may not be out of the race to win the NL Central but I would be very surprised if the made it past the first round of the playoffs unless they make an intelligent move for an outfielder with some power (no idea how that happens now. Dunn? doubt it. he isnt that good anyway, he is just a straight up power hitter who cant hit lefties) or start playing a LOT better.

The cubs should have enough bats on this team as it is right now to drive in more runs than they are. Maybe a new lead-off hitter like Theriot will provide a spark. Pie was great batting 2nd earlier in the year when Soriano was out. Its just frustrating that they can’t beat good teams.


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