live – mets at cubs. game 108.

Cubs need to win in Zambrano’s start based on the way the rest of the staff is pitching lately. I wish I was at the game today!

top 1st Z just walked david wright on what looked to me like 2 straight strikes right down the middle. and now delgado is walked, at least there are 2 outs. And now Zambrano strikes out Marlon Anderson (who?) looking. I cannot believe Kerry Wood is on this active roster right now. Really really weird.

bottom 4th the only hit in this game so far is Jacque Jones double to lead off the bottom of the 3rd. however the mets have been all over the bases due to Zambrano’s five walks. the score is still 0-0 though. Cubs have Theriot-lee-Aramis in this inning…

Well ramirez blooped a double and then cliff floyd struck out to end the inning. I have seen a LOT of cub strikeouts today. A lot of Met strikeouts too though.


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