Steve Phillips, A Look Back at an Idiot


Chat Archive from 7/17/2006

Nick (Waterville, Maine): Hey Steve! If the Yankees and Red Sox let the deadline pass without picking up anybody, who is in better shape going down the stretch?

SportsNation Steve Phillips: I think the Red Sox are in better shape. Both teams have pretty good pitchers that have not pitched well. I think there’s more depth in the Red Sox bullpen. They are much better defensive team. It would be a dogfight, but right now I give the edge to the Sox.

Record After that:

Yankees: 43-29

Red Soxs: 31-40

Chat Archive 6/12/2006

Mark, Maquoketa, IA: What is wrong with the Cardinal’s Mark Mulder and will his recent poor outings prevent the Cardinals from acquiring a much needed bat?

SportsNation Steve Phillips: Mulder has struggled significantly and surprisingly, both Duncan and Mulder don’t know what the problem is. That’s a little bit disturbing, because Mulder is a bright pitcher and Duncan is one of the best in the game. Typically when pitchers are struggling like this, it’s best to get back to basics, throwing first-pitch strikes. He can’t be more erratic in secondardy pitches. The Cardinals desperately need to turn it around, because even with Albert Pujols, the offense was having trouble scoring runs.

Outcome: Cardinals win the world Series

Chat Archive 7/28/2006

Omar (NYC): Everyone always talks “equal value” when it comes to trading stars. Since you believe in Trading A-Rod, what kind of a deal would even make sense?

SportsNation Steve Phillips: Sometimes value equals financial flexiblity or cutting your losses. Sometimes value is ML talent in return or prospects in return. Evaluating the ARod situation is a matter of trying to cut your losses now before you can’t move him later. I think ARod is arguably the best player in the game. But I don’t think he can be the best player in the game the way the NY fans are treating him. The difference between perspection and reality with ARod is dramatically different. People think he doesn’t hit in the clutch but he is hitting over .300 with RISP and .320 with RISP and 2 outs. He gets booed even though he was the most valuable player in the AL last year and the MVP for May this year. He gets booed in the at-bat right after hitting a game winning HR the previous game. He just can’t win with these fans. His performance is being impacted by his desire to please the fans and stop the booing. He has developed a throwing problem and is trying to do too much at the plate. He will never fulfill his destiny of being the best player in the game if he stays in NY. The likelihood is they would have to bring back another player making a lot of money like a Tejada or Abreu or somebody like that. They may find a team willing to part with young players but will those teams take on his salary?

Outcome: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong and Wrong


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