Rod Beck: Grade A Coke Head

For those of us who wore Rod Beck’s jersey and had our kids collect Rob Beck’s baseball cards (im looking at you Jim), here is the news on Beck’s vice:

Police found evidence of cocaine and drug paraphernalia at former major league pitcher Rod Beck‘s home on the day he died.

A police report released Tuesday indicated evidence in several places at Beck’s house, including the bathroom and the master bedroom in which the 38-year-old Beck, a three-time All-Star who saved 286 games, was found dead at his northeast Phoenix home on June 23.

In a case on the bedroom floor, “four small canisters contained a white powdery residue of suspected cocaine. The larger canister contained a dried paste, commonly used to produce rock cocaine,” the report said. They also found a white powdery substance on the roll top desk.

Police also found a loaded semiautomatic handgun in a bag containing numerous glass bowl pipes and torch lighters.


“I strive to save games, play the hardest i can, give that 110% and do a ton of coke”

-Rod Beck, on life


2 responses

  1. Looking at that face, I just CAN’T imagine him with a “glass bowl pipe” in his hand stoned out of his mind. If only all crackheads were good at baseball.

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