Cubs take first place (tie)!

on a walk-off wild pitch by Brett Myers! That was probably the most anti-climatic walk-off win I’ve seen but, hey its a win. Its their own fault for intentionally walking Jacque Jones. Although I think maybe Murton was already on third? I dunno. At least Murton hit a lead-off double and that is doing something productive. That game was almost four hours long. I need to eat.

The brewers lost to the Mets because they are falling apart. The Cubs bullpen has been rock solid lately (as opposed to their starters, ahem, Rich Hill). The haven’t allowed a run in the last five games. And Rich Hill came out after 4.2 tonight.

Plus kerry wood was sitting in the dugout tonight…He could be activated as early as tomorrow. look out! I’m a little nervous about it cuz why fuck with whats working so far right? Hopefully he brings his A game with him.


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