Trade Updates: Who is going and who cares?

If I had to do a Wish List of players the yankees should get, it would be Paul Konerko, Eric Gagne and Octavio Dotel. 2 of the 3 arent even mentioned as potential trades to the yankees and the gagne deal is falling apart.

The trade field looks like a dump. If Jason Starks ranks Scott Proctor number 5 in his “Stark Market” then we know it sucks. I would trade Scott Proctor for WNBA tickets. 

I think that the yankees will be just fine with the additions of Philip Hughes and Joba Chaberlin, plus the bat of Jason Giambi. It should be a solid rotation and a solid lineup. Its always fun to make trades at the dealine. But if they dont get anyone, it will be fine.


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