The Trade Deadline. Where we stand

With 1 hour left in the trade deadline. It seems that the Yankees and Cubs are done making trades. Jim tells me that he doesnt think that Hendry has any more trades in place and I think the yankees are thinking the same way.

The biggest name was Texiera going to the Braves and Gagne going to the Red Soxs. The Red Soxs have a solid lead over the yankees and didn’t have to do this trade to win the division. It seems like it was more of a “block” trade. Kinda when the Yankees picked up Jose Canseco a couple of years back.

The Red Soxs had a cheap and very effective bullpen to begin with but a terrible offense. Will see how this will pan out.

 The Braves traded a really good C to get Texiera, but he is signed till 2008. So that means thats going to be a good lineup of Chipper Jones and him , if Andruw leaves.

Anyways. I will be surprised if the yankees pull anything off and Jim thinks the cubs are done. So I gotsa go.

 We will recap tonite and see if Arod hits a homerun.

Everybody needs to remember that Steve Philips around this time last year was saying that the Yankees needed to trade Arod.


One response

  1. its over. gagme to the red sux, teixiera to the braves and the rangers get like 10 players. the cubs big midseason move? jason kendall. man, i really wish daryle ward wasnt hurt.

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