More trade news: Yankees and Dodgers swap garbage.

Can anyone explain to me how trading Wilson Betemit for Scott Proctor helps either of these teams?

Tim Brown of Yahoo!?

Betemit would provide a bat off the bench, play some at first base with Andy Phillips, then be in the mix at third base next season were Alex Rodriguez to opt out.

I see. Because his 225 Ks in 825 career AB, and .779 career OPS are well on their way to being on the same planet as ARod. Are the Yanks that starved for a mediocre bat off the bench? Migue?

And the Dodgers? What were they thinking? Jon Heyman takes a stab:

The Dodgers have been working to fortify their pitching staff after injuries in recent weeks to key pitchers such as closer Takashi Saito and starter Randy Wolf, who recently had a setback while rehabbing.

Yes, and that fortification comes in the form of Scott Proctor who has given up 4 HR in his last six appearances. Hope that works out for you Ned Coletti.

Is this the epitome of making trade just to make a trade? Any help here is appreciated.


One response

  1. Yeah, that bugs the hell out of me, the part that he will be replacing arod when/and if he leaves. Trust me, the yankees will not but out a lineup with this loser as strarting 3B. That wont happen.

    But he is an upgrade from our bench that consists of Miguel Cairo. But chances are that Torre wont play him that much….

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