live – phillies at cubs. game 104.

LILLY! Lilly just struck out Ryan Howard with Jimmy Rollins on third to end the first inning. I could see these two teams playing a great playoff series. Anyway, this should be a good game. I’m almost off work and its time to watch some Cubs baseball. They are back at home facing Cole Hamels…Wrigley!! I love that they are over .500 at home finally.

top 3rdso aaron rowand just hit a 2-out 3 run homer. frankly, its going to be very hard to shut down the phillies offense and wins these games with a couple runs. the cubs offense HAS to be on this series or else they arent gonna win many games.

Lilly still isnt out of this inning after walking pat burrell. Phillies: 19-9 against the NL Central. Cubs: 12-14 against the NL East. pretty sure 5 or 6 of those wins are against the Nationals. Anyway Wes Helms flew out so thats that. the cubs claim not to be worried about their lack of home run hitting but they better score lots of runs against the Phillies. Might be tough today.

bottom 5th ronny cedeno sucks. after two batters walk and the cubs pinch hit lilly out of the game for him, he pops it up on the first pitch. what a shitty baseball player. he is terrible and he needs to leave the cubs.

now michael bourn looks like he really fucked up his foot or leg trying to catch a foul ball off soriano in the bullpen, he tripped over the mound. if i were a phillies fan i would be pissed that wrigley is so outdated that bullpens are such a safety hazard. he is gonna try to stay in the game looks like…yikes.

aaaand soriano strikes out anyway. really really sad.

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