Kevin Garnett to Celtics, Please Lord, make it so…and a bunch of dead people

If and when the Cs get Kevin Garnett they should be a strong team coming into next year. A lineup of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Garnett will be badass.

In other news: Bill Walsh is dead. Jim spent a semester at Stanford and was team manager when Walsh was head coach. Jim will share his great prespective on the coach. Sad day in sports

In other news: Tom Snyder died yesterday, also from leukemia. Jim interned on Tom’s show the Late Late Show (he was around before craigers). Anyways, Jim was crushed by the news and will share some words on the TV pioneer

In other news: Film director Ingmar Bergman passed away. Woody Allen said of bergman: “probably the greatest film artist, all things considered, since the invention of the motion picture camera.” Jim served as best boy in several Bergman’s films. Keep an eye out for a word from Jim about the visonary.


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