Yankee Trade Options

Buster Olney said that the yankees are testing the waters for Kei Igawa. Which i think is a great idea. We might get someone half way decent…he thinks the teams might be Dodgers, Padres or even the Mariners.

Scott Proctor and Kyle Farnsworth are being shopped around. Perhaps the tigers for Farnsworth and Proctor might end up in Tampa Bay.

Johnny Damon also was thrown out there. I dont think anyone will be taking that….we will see what happens the rest of the year with Damon and if there is a team that might want him in the offseason. The Diamondbacks might need him. We will see…

As for the Jorge Posada rumor from the internets. I think they are dead.


The yankees took the 1st game and now the yankees are down 2-1 v O’s


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