News: Brewers mentally deteriorating due to inexperience

Big story from John Donovan of on the Brewers and their weak mental state and anxiety about the Cubs.

“We’ve been watching. We’re in a pennant race,” admits Bill Hall, the team’s 27-year-old extraordinary jack of all fields

Really? Not according to teammate Johnny Estrada!

“I’ve been telling people in here, as much as everyone around here is excited, and the Brewers haven’t been in first place this late in a season since ’82, we’re not in a pennant race yet,” Estrada says. “When September rolls around, and we have a 2-1/2 game lead, then you got yourself a pennant race.

Ooohh!! Trouble in the clubhouse! Disagreements like this can’t be good for team morale. Obviously I’m joking. If they weren’t the Cubs top competition I would be rooting for the Brewers to make the playoffs just so all the experts could be surprised that they were able to marathon it out as a such a young team. Example:

It certainly wouldn’t surprise many outsiders if the Brewers collapsed in a jittery heap sometime in the next few weeks, or even sooner.

Anyway, for the Cubs sake, I hope the Brewers are falling apart. But if the Cubs keep playing like they have been, they shouldnt need too much of a breakdown from the Brew Crew.


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