live – cubs at cardinals. game 100.

game 100 y’all – its all downhill from here. you have no idea how bad I want marquis to get his 3rd win over the cardinals this year and the cubs 3rd win of the series. same lineup as yesterday for the cubs except that jason OPS is catching instead of koyie. kendall is something like 5 for 10 against braden looper in his career.

top 1st cards announcers (still dont know who these dorks are) announce that theriot and fontenot have made a big difference in changing the cubs team from the start of the season til now. the one guy remarks “yeah the young guys have brought a lot of energy”. not to mention they have also brought an ability to get on base. an ability that was conspicuously lacking from ex-cub shortstop cesar izturis.

and cubs go down 1-2-3.

bottom 1st eckstein hops around with all that excess energy and grit after a lead off hit. now he is on third on a sac fly after marquis pays him no attention and he basically walked to second. well, he couldve walked but you know eckstein, he hustled his ass off. cards guy says “eckstein is trying to take things into his own hands and put the cardinals on the board by himself!” and “sometimes you can make your own breaks. eckstein’s trying to do it.”

and derrek lee makes a fantastic catch in foul territory to get pujols out. and duncan grounds to theriot to end the inning. apparently eckstein cant do it by himself. i’m amazed. he just has so much heart but he wasn’t able to will that run home. next time that happens they ought to just give him the run…

top 2nd now these cardinals morons bring back the familiar refrain of “the cubs spent over $300 million this offseason blah blah blah”. actually i think the joke after guy #1 said “a lot of money” was “come on, since when is $300 million dollars a lot of money?”. hilarious. to recap:

cubs signed (the major ones):

1. soriano $136M over 8 years
2. ramirez $75M over 5 years
3. ted lilly $40M over 4 years
4. marquis $21M over 3 years

clearly they did not SPEND $300 million in one offseason. they gave people contracts and decided to pay over a period of time. soriano contract is huge but its over EIGHT YEARS. ramirez was already on the cubs and he gave them a hometown discount. then you have two contracts to starting pitchers that compared to players like Zito and Schmidt have been BARGAINS. money-wise AND performance-wise. but no, we will never stop hearing about the huge money the cubs spent because everybody wants to player hate. so hate all you want. we know you’re just jealous.

top 3rd jason OPS kendall lines the first cubs hit of the day into left field. too bad no one else can hit braden looper and thats the inning.

top 4th so… theriot walks to lead off the 4th. derrek proceeds to fly out to right field. i think its about time for the cubs to open this game up though. and ramirez pops it up. come on… this is really lame.

ok theres a base hit from floyd into right-center. theriot slipped going around second but made it into third pretty easily actually. now we need fontenot to get us a lead. 0-2 right now… 1-2… fucking pop up to jim edmonds. 3 out.

bottom 4th come on marquis, do not walk duncan.. nope, he walks. on 9 pitches. so cardinals have a lead off runner. double play ball! fontenot makes a high, wide throw but lee pulls it down and makes a tag.

now scott rolen hits a solo home run. cubs have to keep the ball in the park if they want to win because they aren’t hitting any themselves. whatever. marquis is having trouble throwing strikes now, its 3-2 on molina. strikeout. anyway i hate when the other team scores first.

top 5th ok fact is, jason kendall can hit looper just fine. 1 out double and now marquis is up. question: how ugly is goblin-face chris duncan? answer: ok i’ll stop hating on the cardinals… but really quite ugly.

marquis is hanging in there, 2-2 count after plenty of pitches. ground out to pujols.

soriano now has a chance with 2 outs to tie this game. cubs have been all about 2 out rbis lately, especially in the past two games. 0-1 count after one pitch. no surprise in a soriano at-bat. fuck. duncan catches the next pitch about two feet from the wall. 3 out again.

bottom 5th marquis just fucking hit pujols with the bases loaded and now its 2-0. what the hell? thats after two walks and the first came to braden looper was was trying to bunt the whole at-bat. now chris duncan is up and the cubs bullpen is up as well. grand slam. i guess thats what i get for calling him goblin-face. still doesnt change the fact that he has a goblin’s face but it probably makes it feel better. i’m taking a break from this shit.


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