New segment: “Finding Migames”, installment 1

One of the great things about wordpress is that it keeps track of search engine queries that lead people to your blog. I thought it would be fun to look at some of the more interesting ones that have brought people here to Migames and comment.

1. “arod fan art”
lots of people searching for this holy grail. and migames is happy to provide a service. hopefully when they get here they find much more interesting things to do/read with their time.

2. “white sox suck”
migames is a fact-based website and you don’t get much more accurate than this in 2007.

3. “my space white sox hate cubs”
not really sure what this means but i’m glad it lead that person to migames.

4. “ sucks”
does it ever! another straight up fact. however, without it we wouldnt be watching much of our favorite baseball at all and that would be worse. yes, we all have to put up with MLB and migames does its best as a support group to those kindred internet souls. bless you.

5. “julio franco steroids”
was this person’s question answered? maybe. there is little doubt that migames provides information about players such as uncle julio that you will find nowhere else on the web.

Stay tuned for more “Finding Migames” as people continue to check in on their quests for true baseball knowledge. Until next time!


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