live – cubs at cardinals. game 99.

joining the game a little late today, its 2-1 cubs after 4. i have no idea how anything happened. i dont really care, we’re winning.

top 5th after lilly strikes out, soriano hits a triple. and the announcer (i have no idea who these people are) says “if you love baseball you love triples”. maybe, but a scott rolen triple might actually make me vomit. will never happen.

can theriot make it 3-1? of course. he hits it right into left, base hit. like clockwork. i think brendan ryan and eckstein might be the pansiest 2B-SS in the majors. can their hats look bigger on them? i think if youre a world champion team, the least you can do is make it to the playoffs the next year. or else whats the point?

now aramis hits a double and its 2nd and 3rd. who is batting fifth today? fontenot? nope floyd. YES! floyd drives into center and its off the wall! 5-1 cubs. “he pounded that ball”, they say. and now its fontenot. bam. fontenot grounds a base hit up the middle, 6-1 cubs. 6 straight hits. jones time… hits it hard but pretty much right at pujols. ok i’ll be back…

top 7th they showed a boy with cancer in the stands. the kid met with pujols before the game and “reminded” him that he had hit a home run each of the other two times he has been at the park. albert is reputed to have replied “i’ll see if i can keep the streak alive”. is it evil of me to hope that doesnt happen? no its probably not since pujols hitting a home run has nothing to do with cancer. thankfully.

its still 6-1, lilly is pitching like a man. it helps that people like scott rolen and so taguchi are pathetic baseball players.

bottom 7th the other “hustler” brendan ryan just bunted on with 2 outs. now lilly is throwing everything way high. and he walks ludwig. prett-y weak. eckstein is up now. and larry rothschild visits the mound. why do all these cardinals choke way the hell up on the bat like little leaguers? its so sad.

if you ever want to know if eckstein takes himself seriously… he does. i bet you mike fontenot (who is one inch taller than eckstein) is never going to write a book about how much he had to overcome to be a baseball player. and eckstein grounds out to fontenot to end the inning. poetic justice. go be a motivational speaker or something, loser.

top 8th jones leads off the 8th with a double. is he for real now? because if so its gonna be hard stopping the cubs. koyie hill is playing today instead of jason OPS kendall. it would be nice to see hill drive in a run here. not gonna happen. is lilly coming out? nope. and he lines a base hit into center! lilly = awesome. suck it gil meche. 7-1 cubs.

soriano now with his 3rd hit. he needs a HR for the cycle. brewers just lost 7-3, btw. and troy percival is pitching right now for the cardinals. i’ll be conservative and estimate he is 45 years old… actually he is 42. close enough. they are talking about how its not dave duncans fault the cardinal pitching sucks. whatever. i cant believe the cardinals actually thought they could still be in the race after this week.

bottom 9th scott eyre is on the close this mother out. he walks molina on 4 pitches with 1 out. “he has been touched for runs in 12 of 29 of his appearances” according to the announcer. the emphasis is mine. not as touching as ecksteins book. double play ball, and thats game. thanks for coming out st louis. chicago is now 4-0 in STL this year.


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  1. this is an actual review from someone who read eck’s book:David Eckstein became my favorite player on the team before I ever new anything about him. I’ve never seen so much heart radiate from a person. You can look at him and tell there’s a life story that needs to be told, this book does just that. It is inspiration for all ages, but excellant for the young who are trying to find themselves and need that extra boost of confidence. This is an excellant book! One that will be talked about for years…..

  2. I’ve never seen so much heart radiate from a person.

    AHA! Take that Ghandi. You come in second, behind David Eckstein

  3. his heart is especially apparent when he bounces up and down like a five year old before every pitch.

    i love the new header image, btw. very nice indeed.

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