live – cubs at cardinals. game 98.

its good to be back blogging the game live. i havent watched a game on in seems like forever. i’m ready to go. after a game off the cubs probably are too.

in one appearance at busch stadium this year zambrano is 1-0 1.29 ERA 1.00 WHIP in 7.0 IP. thats actually his only appearance at the new busch. i’ve got confidence the cubs will win today. lets get this thing underway.

top 1st i’m subjected to the other duncan kid, chris today. sad. along with their dad who looks a lot like this guy:


and the cubs go down 1-2-3 on like 5 pitches. fucking weak.

top 2nd its 1-0 cubs on an RBI single from jacque jones. ramirez has the other cubs hit but floyd was the one that scored due to a FC. i cannot believe i just watched jason kendall ground out to end the inning. is there a reason why this guy is on our team other than “leadership”? even joe morgan was mystified by that trade.

bottom 2nd great story about the duncan family now. chris and dave went to watch shelley play at yankee stadium and, big surprise, they were treated really well at the stadium. they were able to get in and out easily AND had good seats. warms your heart. and chris duncan now strikes out because he sucks at baseball. i hate the duncan family. how sad is it to be a rookie DH? i dont care how many home runs you hit. put a glove on you fag.

and jim edmonds strikes out because he is 96 and also sucks at baseball. and jones retires rolen on a fly out to center. still 1-0 cubs.

top 3rd nothing happening for the cubs besides two strikeouts from Z and theriot and a weak grounder up the middle from soriano that the cards announcers wet their pants over the “amazing” play from the shortstop aaron miles. it was routine. but hey, he is a 2b by trade, everyone.

bottom 3rd now miles at the plate. and he hits a double into CF/RF. yadier molina grounds out but now the man is on 3rd for kip wells who apparently can “swing the bat”. and zambrano goes from 0-2 to 3-2 on him. but he struck him out a on check swing, high fastball.

trying to stop adam kennedy now from tying the game. zambrano is apparently having a hard time keeping the ball down. he has already thrown almost 50 pitches, almost half of them balls. but adam kennedy ilves up to expectations and hits it right at cliff floyd to end the inning.

top 4th cubs go down 1-2-3 again. i HATE watching that. it reminds me of april and may. knock it off cubs.

bottom 4th god pujols stance bugs me. i swear the only way to beat zambrano after may is if he walks you. here he walks 2 guys with 2 out after a chris duncan hit. aaron miles thankfully flew out to jones to end it. thats only one single though and the cardinals were threatening with the bases loaded. zambrano gets so agitated and then everything is high.

top 5th oh boy the return of ronny cedeno. derosa came out with apparent left hamstring tendenitis. not cool. cedeno of course gets out.

jones walks! jones was the last cubs to get on base in the 2nd inning too. and now my new least favorite cub, jason kendall and his .083 cub average. and kendall FCs it. serious patheticness. and now zambrano, who looks like ARod compared to kendall gets a hit up the middle on a pitch that looked like it was in the dirt.

i would love to see soriano resume his hot hitting right here. nope, pops it up.

bottom 5th forget what i was saying about zambrano walking guys. the cardinals now have 3 straight hits. kip wells, adam kennedy, and skip schumacher. seriously. this is after a bartman-esque play where the fan interfered a foul ball that couldve been caught on kennedy. pujols pops out its now 2 out, man on 3rd but its 2-1 cardinals. duncan strikes out.

well i knew this wasnt going to be a 1-0 game. i’m pretty sure its not going to be a 2-1 game. so how about someone in addition to jones get on base here?

top 6th haha aaron miles tries to be a hero again but cant make the play on a theriot grounder into center field. i’m not usually vindictive like this but i hate the cardinals and everyone associated with them. so fuck you aaron miles, nice try. you should retire like craig biggio. at least shave that stupid ass goatee.

theriot just got thrown out. yadier molina thinks he is sweet. FUCK.

miles again cant make the play on a sharp grounder by lee. 1 out, 1 on. i love how the cubs NEVER hit home runs. actually wait i dont love that. what the hell? kip wells looks like a goat. he could take aaron miles goatee. 3-1 on ramirez even though the last pitch was inside.

ok, ramirez drops it into shallow right. lee held up at 2nd but probably couldve made 3rd. whatever. 3 straight hits and we have 1 out and men on 1st and 2nd. so fucking lame. but it could be worse, lets go floyd…. keep this going….

shit, pujols made a nice play on a line drive ripped down the line. that blows. its up to mr. minor league ronny cedeno. lets go, show me why you got called up. beautiful! cedeno lines it into left! 2-2 game. ok cedeno, you can be on my team now. here is jones with a chance to take the lead again. imagine if they hadnt tried to steal that fucking base.

jones swings at a shitty pitch. 3-1 on jones now with kendall on deck. *groan* jones with his 2nd walk of the night on what was clearly a check swing but everyone including larussa and darth sidious who bitch and moan about it. god duncan is ugly. give me a break, jones did not swing at your pitchers shit.

doesnt matter jason kendall is now up. any chance he clutches the cubs into the lead? NOPE! he grounds out to short. asshole.

top 7th just kidding, kip wells doesnt look like a goat. he looks like dirk calloway from rushmore.

qlobz5kr.jpg o_mason_bio.jpg

well i feel slightly bad for ol’ dirk now since dumbass scott rolen made a 2-out error on a theriot grounder, lee walked and aramis just drove in his 65th run on a single into left. he is 3 for 4 today. fuck you greg couch you aren’t allowed to celebrate that hit. nice work rolen, we have a better third baseman. wells is now in line for his 13th loss of the year. what happened dave duncan? perhaps the jedi are restoring balance to the force?

bottom 7th fucking cedeno CANNOT play short. mother fucker. i swear to god why was i so willing to say he can play on this team after one hit. marmol now has to face pujols after cedeno couldnt glove a grounder from encarnacion.

and pujols thankfully grounds to ramirez and not cedeno to end the inning. how many times have we (cubs fan) seen cedeno fuck up on defense. what do we need him for? fontenot can play a better short i’m sure.

bottom 8th howry is in, i’m nervous. too nervous to type. that inning was brutal. scott rolen took a 1-2 pitch right on the outside corner that was clearly a strike even to rolen, but this ump who has been questionable for both sides the entire game, called it a ball. than rolen got a hit up the middle. thankfully aaron miles flew out to pagan in right to end it. maybe the cubs offense can wake up for real and add some insurance runs.

top 9th wow. weird game. soriano just struck out but the third base umpire had called time before the pitch somehow. the scoreboard was wrong and said ball four on the previous pitch and piniella questioned that. and soriano strikes out now for real. on ball four by the way.

theriot the cubs last chance to add runs in this game. 4 pitch walk. how bout a nice derrek lee double right here? and theriot steals second.

wha? i swear derrek lee just took ball four but they are calling it ball three on the scoreboard? geez. base hit though! thats way better. 4-2 chicago. ok it wasnt ball four. the pitch when theriot stole second was called a strike. still, weird game. i love having lee back and i love that its 4-2.

bottom 9th ok dempster is in to close this out but molina gets a hit. i’m ready for this game to be over…. god i would love a closer i have confidence in. how bout a double play… probably not when this pinch runner on first is gonna be running on everything.

taguchi flies out, shouldnt be surprising to anyone. now eckstein is up. gotta love all that energy and hustle eck gives you as he readies his stance bouncing up and down like he is on one of those springy fry-guy things on a mcdonalds playground. and he grounds to theriot at second. thanks for not hitting it to cedeno.

fucking hell. this ludwig dork just got a hit and its 4-3 after soriano bobbled it. pujols now up to end the game…. yep groundout to theriot. very close but cubs win. shit what a game that was. how bout a fucking blowout tomorrow.


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