greg couch = dumbass

Great expectations
The Cubs’ rejuvenation has raised the bar. If you miss your chance to be the hero, you’re the goat.

July 22, 2007
BY GREG COUCH Sun-Times Columnist
Aramis Ramirez failed. That’s the news. We’ve come to expect certain things of the Cubs, and particularly of Ramirez. This time, he blew it. Gagged. Fell apart.

All this article does is go on to bitch and moan about how no one came through against arizona in the game i was at on saturday, particularly ramirez. it whines about how ramirez never hustled before and now that “the pressure is off” with a heathly lee, soriano, and young players performing, ramirez can produce.

people like greg couch need to stop following the cubs. if all you can write about are cliches that people have been whining about for years, you can go become a red sox or cardinals fan and live in my true, total hatred. the cubs are playing great baseball. ramirez is doing just fine thank you very much and isnt going to win every fucking game for us. last 10 games he is 14-41 with 13 RBI. so blow me greg couch, you are one serious idiot.


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