carrie muskat is not a good writer.

what a surprise, right? the “beat writer” carrie muskat is actually sort of retarded. but i still read everything she writes because they often contain interviews with players and manager(s). and i live for what mark derosa has to say. anyway this little quote comes after the cubs lost yesterday for the second straight game. (first time theyve lost consecutive games in over a month, btw)

The Cubs lost on Sunday for the third time in the past 10 games, and if they kept up that pace for the rest of the season, they’d finish with 96 wins. Remember, the St. Louis Cardinals won the National League Central Division with 83 wins last year.

how is what the cardinals did last year in any way relevant to the NL central this year? the brewers finished 75-87 last year. guess what, they are going to finish much better this year. 83 wins is not going to cut it this time around, thankfully. on a related note, i cant wait for the cubs to pound the cardinals tomorrow.


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