Yankees Call Up Shelley Duncan

Dave Duncan’s other son was called up today by the yankees. He is a minor league DH. So hopefully, Cashman can take Damon to the back of yankee stadium and put him down. Has there ever been a player put on the DL for sucking? Damon might be the Lewis and Clark of that list.

In other news, the Red Soxs keep losing, this time to the sad, sad, sad White Soxs. The Joy!

Who do the yankees want in trades update:

Octavio Dotel….wasnt he with the team last year? True, but he has to be better than anything we got out there.

People get up on Joe Torre for how he manages the bullpen, but to have the bullpen we have and have a winning record should give a good indication on how good Torre really is. After the game two nites ago, i realize that I have been to hard on Torre. The shit coming out of the bullpen is sadder than Crooklyn.


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