the view from paris

i’m still in paris but i’m at a mcdonalds, the only place in town with an internet connection gratuit. it looks kinda like this;

i’m caught up on the cubs now and heres a couple quick thoughts before my computer dies

1. koyie hill wants to keep his job. after this questionable jason kendall trade (i’ve got my eye on this pitcher blevins from now on, probably a future superstar pitcher for the A’s 6’6″ lefty, 1.02 ERA) and with no options left, koyie hill could get cut when blanco or soto are ready. but 5 RBI games will help make that decision tough.

2. the cubs are going to keep winning, just like they should.

3. i’m not going to see derrek lee on saturday at wrigley, oh well. daryle ward is the man, too. expect some pictures of rich hill.

see you in america


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