Yi Jianlian, grade A asshole

1st off, Yi Jianlian can be from Eritrea, Indiana or Honduras, it dont matter that he is from China. This guy was selected in the NBA draft by the Bucks and the guy refuses to even entertain the notion of signing with them. 1st thing, 1st, its not like the Knicks drafted him, the Bucks are a cool team based on their old logo:


The bitch’s old team now is saying that they want him back to develop him for the 2008 Olympics. The rules state to be eligble for the draft next year, Yi cant play at all for a full year. And who is to say that he wont be selected by a truely crappy team, like the Bobcats?

This is the draft, this is the defenition of draft: a selecting or drawing of new players from a choice group of amateur players by professional teams, esp. a system of selecting new players so that each team in a professional league receives some of the most promising players.

The NBA is set up so if you suck like the bucks did and you get a pick in the draft, you can pick whoever you want. Yi is a pussy if he doesnt sign with the bucks and will be banned from migames if he doesnt.

Yi, you are on watch.

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