Recap of Lastnite

Great win for the yankees. Now they are 3-39 after trailing in the 8th inning, which is sad and pathetic, but last night we helped that cause. Yankees won the two games against the blue jays that we all thought we were going to lose, the Kei Igawa game and yesterdays. We could drop the next two and we are back where we started, but for now, we are ok.

Kyle Farnsworth suckness equals the emergence of Jose Vizcaino. Vizcaino can and should step up within the next few weeks and be our strong 8th inning guy. Our bullpen is the wildcard of this team, forget Abreu, Cano and Damon, if the bullpen doesnt get together, we will be left in the outside looking in. Of Course, we can “click on all cilinders” and still be left on the outside, so it will be fun to see what happens.

Clemens pitches tonite and Wang on thursday. Clemens has been good but hasnt been consistent, if he starts, we can grow on that one two punch. As for the tribe, remember they are playing the white soxs.

And the cubs, lets see, what did the cubs do lastnite…despite a homerun by D. Lee, the cubs lost last nite. 2 runs in the 8th inning with two outs on one of those hops on the 1st baseline and with the bases loaded, the cubs couldnt get the out. It would have been nice to let the ball roll foul, but right now, that would be impossible.

This lost sucks double for the Cubs because the Brewers won an uneventful game against the Diamondback. So they lost a game in the standings. Good thing/Bad thing is that the Padres and the Braves lost, so they still remain 3 games out in the Wild Card. To bad they didnt win, they would have gained a game on both those teams.

 So, this synergy that migames has put out into the world have the cubs and the yankees walking in the same directions. There is 80 odd games left. So lets see what happens.


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